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ffice Software Development Kit is an add-on for OpenOffice suite
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3.41.9593 (See all) is a freeware office suite that contains all the functions available in MS office and much more. The latest version is 2.4. The Software Development Kit is similar to that of Microsoft visual studio. It can be easily downloaded from the official websites and from many others. It functions well not only in linux platform but also in Windows. Open Office Software Development Kit is an add-on for OpenOffice suite. It provides the necessary tools and documentation for programming the APIs and creating own extensions (UNO components) for An important part of the SDK is the 900-page Developer's Guide. It provides a detailed description of the API concepts, the UNO model and how to use the API in different application areas. At the end of each chapter, you will find at least one example that shows you how to use a specific API. Those who are new to development will also find the developer page useful, with all the descriptions of different aspects and tasks stored there.

Nithin Chandran
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  • Freeware
  • Quite functional
  • Simple interface


  • Slow performance, not so smooth in operation
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